For any questions please call:
  • Jen Harrington, BSN, RN School Nurse Consultant - 303-679-7707
  • Lynn Griebel - Health Assistant DCES - 303-838-4888 ext: 1206
  • Heidi Oswald - -Health Assistant FMS & PCHS - 303-838-4642 ext: 1607
Instructions for Asthma & Allergy Care Plans and Medication Release Form
  1. Please use one medication permission form per medication. For example, if your student needs Tylenol and Advil at school, you’ll need to print and complete a medication authorization (release) form for each medication.
  2. All medications, including over the counter, need parent and health care provider signature.
  3. A care plan or medication release form is good for one school year unless there are changes in the health condition. Expired care plans or medical release forms cannot be accepted.
  4. All medications must be in their original packaging or with pharmacy label. Expired medications cannot be accepted.
  5. It is very important to have a care plan (not a medication release) if your student has allergies or asthma. There are instructions on the care plans for staff to follow, keeping your student safer. You DO NOT need medication release forms if you have a care plan for allergy or asthma. The medications are included in the plan.
  6. Colorado law allows students to self carry inhalers or epinephrine pens. A care plan is still required and it must be noted on a plan by a health care provider that the student is capable of self-carrying their medication. The student and parent will also need to sign a self-carry contract. It’s recommended to have back up medications (inhalers, Benadryl, Epi-pens) in the health office if possible.