Fitzsimmons Middle School

Fitzsimmons Middle School opened on January 1980. The school is one of the pioneer middle schools in the state, implementing the team concept, block scheduling, and FMS classes, which are the key elements of the middle school classrooms. The additional houses our high school academic wing, the eighth grade students, a new library, and a spectacular eating area called the Canyon Room. In 2001 the existing facility was given the facelift and a two-story addition attached to the gymnasium.

The school is named after J.B. Fitzsimmons, a lifetime resident of Shawnee and Park County. Jess's father, Charles,homesteaded the area which is now known as Burland. Jess grew up with his brother Perry, farming and, ranching. As a young man, Jess followed in his dad's footsteps and joined the forest service and served the people in Park County as a forest ranger from 1916-1936. After retiring from the forest service, Jess was either appointed or elected county commissioner for three terms until 1974. As a local cattle rancher and personality, Jess was known in the county for his wit, honesty, and extreme hard work.